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Tags: White, Blonde, Shaved, 18-22
Last login: 24 Apr 2017
Fans: 1524
My name is milk.
I don't lactate.
Catch me online, exclusive to naked for hardcore solo action -- not skype, snap or any other platform.
I enjoy playing with my toys and being a weirdo exhibitionist.
Tune in, turn on!
(...and don't forget to contribute in support of my workspace!)

My punkbeast boyfriend hates you.
Cum anyway!

Freaks welcome.

Collection of lingerie/costumes/stocking/heels/tight dresses/short skirts/latex
and toolbox of kink at my fingertips.
(just give me a minute heads' up to clean toy(/)s of choice.)
Make-up (dark eyes, bright lipstick)
Glasses or not
Wet t-shirt
Shower/oil show
Whipped cream
Amateur pole dance
Twerk attempt
as well as other fantasies
upon request.

I'm a music nerd, into bizarre art and strange films.
Madonna is a heavy influence.
California girl.
27 year old total teenage slut.
In the words of Cameron Diaz's character in some dumb comedy, "I keep my situation pretty situated." In other words, I'm quite likely to be sporting a pretty freshly shaven cunt.

Experiment and push limits.
Normal is an illusion.
Lust for life!

Have fun, fellow pervs and creeps!


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