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Ohmibod Levels: Level 1 is 1 credits - Level 2 is 5 credits - Level 3 is 10 credits - Level 4 is 25 credits - Level 5 is 100 credits ( 60 seconds extra high vibration, for sure will make me cum!) Custom level is 77 - 50 seconds ultra high) :)
ABOUT MY PRIVATES!! I DO NOT DO LESS THAN 10 MINUTES PRIVATES AND I DO IT IN TIP SHOWS!!! i WANT MY SHOWS GENTLE AND CUM FOR REAL! 60 TOKENS FOR 10 OR A BIT MORE (AS LONG AS i CUM FOR REAL! :) I hide my face in public shows but i can promise my face is 100% like on my pictures!! :) (my regulars can confirm that!! ) :)
A short physical description of me would be, a baby blonde haired beauty with big hazel eyes and porcelain light and soft skin, short nose, full lips, cheeks and my renouned baby doll like features. Curves in all the right places. 34 E breasts and a very tight cute pussy. I I go very naughty in private shows and I can promise your cock is going to be completely drained after a very hot session with me. Let's have a great time and cum together Face in private!! :) I have an absolutely doll face, They don't call me a doll for no reason :) 'm a belle who knows what she wants and gets it but trust me, I am also an amazing lover and sweetheart. I may require lots of attention and gifts to be impressed, but I can assure the attention I give will leave your cock completely drained as that is my gift to offer as a real life sex goddess. ~~~~~ All flashes for single token tips. :) Explicit shows, toying and etc. in privates only. - I DO CUM WITH OHMIBOD/LOVENSE BUT I AM NOT GOING TO OVER REACTING.* I'm pretty shy, so not always that talkative. No face in public for personal reasons. :) * Please do not ask anything for free or beg me to show this or that..:) Simple as this. *Comments about me or my rates, being rude, not respecting me will result in imediate ban. *No PMs but you can always use tipnotes if you have something personal/sexy to say. *Please no directing. Especially no directing with other's tip, I'm Vivienne and not a porn actress, :) * If you are still wondering why I'm here and why you should tip me (which I will never ask for!) not just lurking, then simply go to the next room. :) ( * - *) Love; Vivienne (^_^) You can visit my amazon wishlist if you want to make me happy. I really need a new laptop for camming and a new phone, total cost= 40.000 tokens. Every token helps me out. :) You can send your giftcard to: you can change the language to english, please only send giftcards)


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