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My name is Julia, I am 27 years old..curvy girl with addictive smile (or so they tell me)
I like chating ,partying, playing and meeting nice people
..Oooh I love singing too..some disagree with that especialy my neighbour,but thats life he cant have it all ;p
I like to hear your naughty, kinky fantasies...maybe even put some in practice together
If you are in my room dont just stare..say someting I wont bite
Be nice to everyone else!
If you have a request put it in a tip note..
Dont beg! That sucks + it gets you banned
If you ask where i am broadcasting from....NO its NOT a BATHROOM...blame the owner..decorating ideeas are his
If you wanna get your name on my profile +join my crazyclub+ get a custumized video you can tip 200 credits in 1tip
Dont forget to follow me on twitter @mistiqueemma1


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