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I'm not a porn star.
I don't own 27 assorted dildos in all shapes and sizes.
I don't have fake orgasms with the plastic toy ohmifraud.
I don't have huge fake tits
(or even worse, a fake ass)
and I can't swallow a cucumber.
I do not drink or smoke.
I should probably just get a regular job like a normal person.
Why am I here, you ask?
Just a regular person, being naughty you.
Let me be your bb.

***For entertainment purposes only. (Not available for meeting, dating, weddings, or bar mitzvahs.)
~~~NO Skype shows!!~~~
*I don't argue in chat. I mute immediately. Anything you want to say, I've heard before and I know what's coming.
*If I ignore/mute/block you, it means you annoy me, make me uncomfortable, or contribute nothing to my chat.
**If you say ridiculous and/or idiotic stuff to me, it gets screen capped and posted on my Twitter so...yeah. Just a warning.
***Rude to me once? Blocked forever.***



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