Oct 19th 2016

10 CamGirls To Follow This Month!

It’s that time again! The time to show you the top ten camgirls of the month. These camgirls have put themselves on the map for their exceptional performances and customer service. What more could a man want? So, write down their names, you’ll need to know them because these are the top ten camgirls of October.



Sandxlove believes that the best sexual organ is the mind. So, she’ll be rude to you, she’ll give you attitude - why? To arouse you. To get you feeling sexually stimulated and ready to pounce on her. Whatever your fantasy is, she has no problem fulfilling it. She specializes in foot fetishes, spanking, spitting, high heels stomping, sph, power control, choking and daddy’s little girl. What we love about her is that she’s very open and honest about what she will and will not do. Plus, she’s amazing at her craft.



Gabrielles is an angelic face, however, she’s a kinky one. She’s a woman with big, beautiful breasts and she wants to share them with the world. We love Gabrielles because she’s able to turn on everyone who watches her. She has pure talent that is hidden behind a gentle and nurturing face. So if you like blonde beauty’s with big tits, check her out.


3. MindBlowingAngel

She will blow your mind - figuratively speaking. She has that exotic spiciness to her style and if you like a woman with mystery in her eyes, well she has it. She specializes in big tits, big ass, and foot shows, so if you’re looking for a blonde that has it all, go see MindBlowingAngel.


4. Halle Bell

Well, okay, she’s not the actual Halle Berry, but damn, she sure looks like her. If you want that latin American spice and passion in the bedroom, she has it. She’s all boobs, butt and overall, she has a killer bod. Check her out.


5. HornySlaves

What’s better than one camgirl? Two camgirls! This Asian pair is into everything and anything. If you’re looking for some double trouble then check these two out. Their named HornySlaves for a reason. 


6. AnneeLisse

AnneeLisse looks like that girl that’ll help you with your math homework. Oh, well, we don’t know good she is at math, but we know what she’s really good at: squirting and foot shows. So, if you’re looking for a good time sex chatting, AnneeLisse will be glad to have a good time with you.


7. Naked Bandit

Another ebony beauty on Camster is Naked Bandit. She’s petite, brunette with big tits - oh, and she can squirt. Do we need to say more?


8. Mirranda

Mirranda looks like the kind of girl that will welcome you home naked, with a plate of fresh baked cookies sitting on the table. Now, that’s hot. This brunette beauty knows exactly what to say to get you hot and hard.


9. Kinaliuz

If you want to see a big, juicy ass, then go see Kinaliuz. Kinaliuz has a juicy body that’s just waiting for some well-deserved attention. She’s an amazing performer and communicates really well with her fans.


10. Nicollsexx

If you’re into thick girls, then Nicollsexx is someone you’ll be a fan of. She’s BBW and her goals are to please her fans with her luscious body, big titties, and big juicy ass.


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