Aug 18th 2016

How to Become a Webcam Model

There are several things to consider when starting your webcamming career. From internet connection to lighting there's a lot to do! We put together a quick startup guide.

Fast Internet

Make sure to test your internet speed. Your upload speed should be 1.0 Mbps or higher. If it's lower than that, fear not! Contact your current internet service provider and request a faster plan. They'll be happy to help! Your webcam won't run smoothly if your connection is too slow. And if users can't enjoy a high-quality show they're more likely to leave your chat room.

Choosing a Computer

You'll definitely need a computer to become a cam model. We recommend a laptop since it's portable, lightweight, and more versatile. Either a Mac or PC will work. For a Mac, a 13-inch  macbook air is a great option and starts at about $999. But if your more of a PC girl, a good option is an ASUS Zenbook UX305UA which is comparable at about $750. You can buy it here.

You'll Need a Webcam

Choosing a webcam is easy. We highly recommend the Logitech C930e. It's about $100 but well worth it. Great for beginners and pros alike, this camera boasts the widest field-of- view of any camera in its class at an impressive 90 degrees. The HD video offers communication in 1080p, and includes a built-in microphone with added noise cancellation technology. That technology, by the way, goes a long way in helping your viewers focus on you by picking up on pesky background noises and reducing them where appropriate.

When the lights go down, the C930e perks up – it offers automatic light correction, collecting the best light possible to make you look perfect every time. This camera even features pan, tilt, and zoom functions so you can be as hands on – or off – as the situation calls for.

Check out the webcam here.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is an extremely important part of feed quality. Good lighting can immensely improve the quality of poor webcams! The cowboy studio kit is a pretty good option and it costs about 60 bucks. Make sure you have a few light sources. A three-point lighting system is a good way start. Many models choose to have light behind the webcam, coming from your left and coming from your right. Users can definitely feel the difference in a room with good lighting. 

Get Started Today!

Email us at or click here if you want to sign up to become a model. It's so easy to get started, and the earning potential is unlimited!

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