Sep 26th 2016

Clueless About Live Sex Chatting? Then you have to read this!

If this is your first time on, we understand that all that choices can be a little overwhelming — we have so many good looking webcam models on our site, and it’s not always easy to choose just one. But, you probably have some ideas about live sex chatting that need to be debunked. So, stop listening to what everyone is telling you and take it from the pros, we know what’s going on! Here are some hard truths about sex chatting:


1. It’s private

Live sex chatting is a great option if you’re worried about your privacy. You don’t have to go to the strip club or subscribe to a magazine. With Camster, you can create an account with us and don’t have to hand over any personal information such as your credit card. You can simply have an account with access to all of our webcam models on demand, if that’s what you want. However, you won’t be able to have a private show or tip them unless you purchase credits, which does require a credit card on your file. Rest assured though, your name will never be shown and only your username will show up in chat rooms.


2. Camgirls enjoy what they do

Webcam models enter into the business because they like what they do. There are millions of other jobs available, however, they decided that camming was the best career choice. Why? They’re able to decide how much they want to work, when they want to work and as an added bonus they get to create a powerful relationship with their fans.


3. Camgirls get paid

Sure, there are probably sites out there that don’t pay their camgirls fairly, but that’s definitely not the case on At Camster, our girls get paid through the tips you give them, videos and private shows. Think of it like a restaurant. When you’re paying for your meal, you decide how much the server will get as a tip depending on the quality of their service. That’s more or less the same principle when you’re using our website. If your camgirl is performing well, you should tip her. That’ll ensure that she’ll keep doing what she does best and that she’ll pay extra attention to your requests and needs. 


Now that some of the biggest misconceptions of live sex chatting has been debunked, why not get on our site and take a look at what we offer our users. We don’t pressure our users to join or give us their credit card information, we take it easy and let you go with the pace that works for you. So, log onto our site and enjoy! Our webcam models are eagerly waiting for you.

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