Sep 9th 2016

Foot Fetish and Why We Like It!

Let’s talk about foot fetishes, baby. Did you know that having a foot fetish is actually one of the most common fetishes with over 47% of straight guys being into women’s feet? Yeah, you probably didn’t think the number was so high either. So, if you’re at a party, you’re not the only dude in the room that’s into feet.

Even celebrities are into feet, take Charlie Sheen, for instance, he has a foot fetish and can’t date women whose second toe is longer than the first - yeah, that’s a bit intense, right? After reading that, you probably thought, well, that doesn’t sound like a fetish, more like a weird thing to worry about. Well, there’s a lot more to foot fetishes than you probably thought.

What exactly is a foot fetish?

Okay, well, for those who are curious about foot fetishes, basically, it’s when you have a sexual attraction to feet, an attraction that usually surpasses other body parts. The attraction is to the toes, soles, shoes, and toenails. Foot fetishes also involves rubbing, licking, dressing, manicuring, massaging, sucking, caressing and kissing for sexual stimulation. In addition, foot fetishes also take into account different shapes, sizes, smell and if they’re dirty or not. Different strokes for different folks!

The two types of foot fetish

1. Arousal Trigger

This is when the individual sees feet as a sexual stimulant. When looking or thinking about feet the individual can become aroused. With some people, the thought of feet alone can bring them to orgasm.

2. Non-sexual obsession

This is when the individual looks at feet and legs in a non-sexual way. They’re usually obsessed with the shape, size and cleanliness of the foot. However, this can be turned into an arousal trigger.

What to do if you have a foot fetish?

If you have a foot fetish, like so many other men out there, then why not engage in some fetish play with a cam girl? Sure, there are some women that are open to the idea of foot fetishes, however, they’re not easy to find on the street. However, on Camster, we have webcam girls that are sexually aroused when playing with their feet and love to engage in foot fetish activity. So, if you’re interested in exploring this fetish, there’s a specific category on for “feet”.

Under this category, you’ll find all the cam girls that specialize in all sorts of foot fetishes. Not only will they be able to sexually arouse you with their feet, but you’ll be able to try things out that you may be uncomfortable to try out with someone who’s not into foot fetishes.

Once you find a cam girl who suits you and your sexual energy, you’ll be able to develop a relationship with her and try new foot fetish activities out in a comfortable and safe place.

If you’re into feet, let Camster help you out to relieve your sexual energy in a safe and stimulating space. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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