Jan 4th 2017

How Pornography Can Help Your Relationship

Porn has become normal. Whereas it used to be negatively associated with pervy old dudes, more and more people are opening up about not only watching porn but also enjoying it. In terms of relationships, the tired cliché of men being obsessed and secretive over their porno stash, while women are derisive and disgusted by the whole affair is also becoming increasingly tired and old. This cliché plays to the ever-pervasive myth that women just aren’t that into sex, which is absolutely untrue! With a greater range of pornography catering to a much wider range of audiences, fetishes and sexualities, porn has never been more accommodating or wholesome and as a result, more and more couples are using it as a way to achieve new levels of intimacy and openness. The sleazy era of greasy mustaches and slap bass muzak (check out Ron Jeremy’s Pornosonic!!) is long gone. We’re going to run through a couple of the ways pornography can improve your sexual relationship.
 It’s a rare relationship that’s completely and utterly trusting and confident in each member’s fidelity and attention, so it’s really no wonder that partners are often suspicious of each other’s secretive online viewings. Being cheated on really sucks and can be very damaging to trust, so you can see why some individuals would associate masturbation over other people with infidelity. However, when openness and transparency are brought into play, you can expect greater levels of trust and intimacy, through knowing exactly what each other is into, sexually, as well as where you both are getting your kicks. You’re essentially reducing porn from being an insidious third party and an object of suspicion, to a simple way of getting to know your lover better. This often means a stronger overall relationship, which is always a good thing, right? On the other hand, if you’re not at a point where you feel that your partner will be completely comfortable talking about everything sexual, then you should probably work towards that before engaging them in a discussion about watching porn. 
With greater levels of trust, transparency and openness comes more frank discussions about what you’re both into. This means learning about your individual fetishes and quirks, and with that comes the ability to better please each other. You might discover stuff you didn’t know you were into! Broadening your sexual horizons, as well as learning to own and be unapologetic about your own fetishes, will nearly always lead to better sex for all parties involved as well as a closer and stronger bond in your relationship. The fact of the matter is that we all have our kinks, and watching porn together can be the best setting to bring them up with a partner. After all, the best relationships are based on honesty and openness, and if you’re really into each other you’ll be accepting of what turns your significant other on, no matter what. 
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