Sep 21st 2016

Humiliation Camming: What You Need to Know

Unless you’re already into the BDSM scene, then you might be wondering what Humiliation Camming is. That’s understandable as this niche, while growing, is still relatively small. That’s why we’ve decided to break it down for you and let you read up on what this whole ‘humiliation’ thing is really about.

What’s humiliation camming?

Essentially, humiliation camming is a form of live female dominance — also known as FemDom — which in itself is where the female is dominant during sex. Being dominant means that you have a set of behaviors or rituals that you enforce on a submissive person. Usually, people think that FemDom is when a lady wears a strap-on dildo and has sex with the male — and they’re right, that’s an example of female dominance, however, domination can be done without any actual physical touching as well.

Typically, FemDom activities are strap-on dildo play, panty fetishism, and boot worship. However, if you’re new to FemDom, we recommend that you don’t dive into the heavy stuff just yet. Take some time with your webcam girl and work your way up. So, you can start off with lighter acts of female domination such as erotic spanking, body, ass and feet worship. Your webcam girl will know what to do and will help guide through your female domination session. So, how do you approach a webcam girl to dominate you? Good question.

How to engage a webcam girl in FemDom

1. Read her profile

If you’re uncertain if a certain webcam girl will engage in female domination, then just look at her profile. Usually, a webcam girl will have a list of things that she does on her profile. Also, if you search under Camster’s categories list, that will help you refine your search and help you narrow down the webcam girls that are into FemDom.

2. Private message her

If you’re not comfortable asking her to do things for you in the public chat, don’t worry. That’s completely fine. Instead, you can privately message her and ask her there if she’d be able to fulfill your desires. If she can, then you can arrange a private sex chat instead, that way you’re more comfortable rather than being in a group chat.

3. Be honest

If you haven’t been submissive before, then be honest with your webcam girl. She’ll be here to help you out and educate you on what’s involved in FemDom. Let her know when something turns you on or off so that she knows where to lead you. Usually, when you engage in female domination with a dominant webcam girl, you’re building an intimate relationship with her which will help you in opening up sexually.

4. Ask nicely 

Listen, you want to try it out, we know. But there is a way to ask without being rude or overly aggressive. The most important thing is that you ask politely. Asking a webcam girl, “you’re going to do this, understand?” is not the best way to start a submissive relationship. Instead, try out something like this, “I’m in looking for someone to try out FemDom with me, would you be able to do that?” Ask kindly and you shall receive.

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