Cecelia Bower Sex Webcam

Tags: Blonde, White, Petite, Shaved
Last login: 27 Jul 2017
Fans: 236
Hello! I'm Cecelia. :)
I love meeting new people, video games, photography and writing.
If you want to chat with me say hi!

Tits - 5
Ass - 10
Pussy - 15
c2c - 3
Snapchat for life - 20

I do offer customized pictures, if you have a request e-mail me atcecelia.b@yahoo.com
or give me your e-mail and request next time i'm online.
(Price variesbased on request.)
Ask about snap!
You get it for life and I send pics daily, chat and will notify you when I'm online.

Stream Times
Mon - Sat between 9 and 10pm
Depending on the night, the time I go off cam could change.

* Do not ask for free or discounted services, what you see is what it is. All you will get
by asking is blocked.
* If you want to chat, the best way to reach me is in the main chat.
I don't really respond to private messages.
* Do not ask where I live, I won't tell you.
* I don't call in pvt, please don't ask.
* I don't have any social media other than snap.

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