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See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.

Hi boys! I am Vivienne. :) If you are looking for the perfect fantasy in real life you've found her. People descibe me as "Barbie" and a "Living Doll" but I am much more than that. For sure, I am one of the barbie-like models if not the only on adult chat sites. :) I am a friendly, sweet girl, I like to make new friends and have fun while I am online, I am not that talkative because I am pretty shy, I only talk with guys that I know for long and are my regulars or very generous with me. I am single no boyfriend or dating anyone at the moment. The only rules in my room are: Be polite, I am a human being not a sex robot. - No directing since I am not acting. - I am not an article so there are no price tags for my body, I may do not do as you wish if I do not want(even though I have a tip menu, I am not obliged to do so). Please do not expect anything so you won't be disappointed. If one thing, I put so much effort into my beauty, education and class, so guys please understand that I am very hard working and maintance, therefore I am not here for economy class. Rude behavior, demanding, freeloading etc. is permanently black listed and banned without warnings. If what I can give you is not enough I am sure plenty other sexy models are waiting for you.  
Love, Vivienne
Wishlist:500,1000, 2000 or more single token tip if you want to make me really HAPPY and get my attention.. Otherwise, please do not expect me to be talkative with you.Tips are the best compliments. If you really like me and want to make me happy be generous! :)


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