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Hello, Hola, Ciao sweethearts,
I'm EvaJolye and it’s time to talk about what it means to be a Lady. I'm glad to tell that I'm content with the life I have right now and everything I have in it. Whilst there may be a few changes that I wish to make, I'm adventurous and free spirited and embrace the opportunities life has to offer. I recognises that there is nothing in this world I cannot accomplish with hard work, determination, perseverance and commitment to my own personal development with the aim of being a better person.
I'm well-spoken and a generous listener. I know how to effectively connect with others and communicate my message. Usually well-educated, informed and worldly travelled. I believe in developing my intellect through reading and keeping up with current affairs on a regular basis. Interested in meeting new people as I enjoys learning about other people's ideas and experiences of life. That the reason I speak Spanish, English and Italian.
Love to read, love to study, love to knowledge, my mottos are always follow "The Golden Rule" - treat others as you would like to be treated and always have a backup plan.
A Gorgeus latin, 25 years old, short, smart, funny, nice, red long wavy hair, beautiful face, adorable eyes, sexy lips, amazing body, pretty boobs, fantastic ass and magic smile. I'll be yours amourus, all heart, charming, erotic, open-mind, loving, loyal Lady .


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