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about me:
Do not be fooled by the look of a sweet and angelic girl, do not confuse poison with a candy that you have been accustomed to eating on hallowen days.
I can be your best dream, and at the same time make your life a nightmare, do not join me, unless you want to have an unrequited love or an adventure that the end will not be like in fairy tales.
If after reading this about me and you are still here, it is because you may be liking to be attracted to a sense of danger that a fragile body, I can seem like a Angel sometimes, but in fact only I know the bad things and that I carry in my heart.
If you know how to treat me you can have all of me, but do not forget that I am bipolar and I can turn your dream into a nightmare quickly, so be very careful when dealing with me.
This is not a text copied and pasted, here I am Lilly and these are my words, they are what I know about myself and what I carry in my mind. If this excites you, you have a great chance of being a submissive pervert and you get soaked in just feeling the power feel that a porcelain doll has over you.
My name is Lilly and my surname is sarcasm, you will never know when I am speaking the truth or the lie, if I am good or bad, maybe that is what makes my personality, I am not the type that idolizes artists, I do not what you do, I do not think like you. If you are able to arouse a good feeling in me, I will be the sweet sweet that you have always dreamed of eating, but if you can not I can be a little poison that runs down your throat ripping your lungs and taking you to an End that You would not want to have


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