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My name is India Sweet, I am not from India, my name comes from the sweet lands of Latin America, I am a native of the extreme south of the equator, I was born and grew up in wild lands surrounded by the fauna and flora of all color, I have Seen and learned things that only some of you have been able to prove in your dreams and I am here to teach you all the secrets I have

I am a golden woman, passion cinnamon, wild flavor. I was born from the Amazon River bed, I grew up in nature sheltered from the fauna of my land, but now I live in the city getting used to society. I work to study biology and biomedicine, I love to climb mountains, bungee jumping and all kinds of extreme sports that increase my body's adrenaline, but I also enjoy a lot the good food, a beautiful candlelight evening is Probably one of my favorite romantic experiences, feel my lover's heartbeat and breathing in my skin, just a delight like no other, but all in just measure, I hate being suffocated, I am a free soul full of passion, My life is a song that carries the breeze of a thousand wild flowers


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