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I am an S&m lover here to help you discover your inner kink and bring out the alter ego in you. Let me be your nurturer, i'll attend to your desires you cannot find in your world. Or enjoy a night just talking and gazing at the loveliest Lily in the pond. And what else can i say about myself, a night of sushi, starbucks, long walks on the beach, Sodomy on a Sunday night at holy hours (hint hint;;it means i like anal ;) ). Blah blah, give me roses, slap me across the face for all the thorns you have endured and spit all over me me you fucking basturd, i'll spit in your fucking mouth while you punch my tits...Oh, cuddling is ok, pizza is better, whips, flogs, paddles, gags, nipple clamps and chains excite me. No fire! I am also a CUMMER, watch me have multiple orgasms in a row. I will cum again and a again.


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